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I’m Bruna De Luca, children’s author and miniature ‘Scotalian’. This website is the place to find out about me, my book news, and how to contact me.

I'm Not Cute, I'm Dangerous

Illustrated by the bravissima Benedetta Capriotti my debut picture book I’m Not Cute, I’m Dangerous is about a cute crocodile who tries very hard to prove herself to others… and she does. But only when she understands she’s perfect as she is.

I'm a reader as well as a writer!

I run a kidlit book blog called My Book Corner. Here are some recent reviews and posts.

Fans of A.M. Howell will be delighted to dig into her latest middle-grade mystery and uncover her twistiest story yet. It is 1948 and, in the aftermath of WWII, it seems the whole country is caught in the transition between old and new. And this is exactly where we find 12-year-old protagonist Ruth Goodspeed.

Sally Nicholl’s Young Adult novel, The Silent Stars Go By, will whisk you away from the present day to the end of WWI – a time when Christmas was an old-fashioned affair, and societal expectations could be old-fashioned too, especially for young women.

The vivid sea setting in Katya Balen’s new middle grade novel The Light of Everything is a captivating character in its own right, and its changeable nature is the perfect backdrop for Zofia’s stormy personality and Tom’s quiet stillness.

The Accidental Stowaway is the perfect read for budding sleuths…so get your skates on (just one will do) and get onboard this transatlantic adventure!

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