Bruna De Luca

Hello! Ciao!

I’m Bruna De Luca, children’s author and miniature ‘Scotalian’. This website is the place to find out about me, my book news, and how to contact me.

I'm Not Cute, I'm Dangerous

Illustrated by the bravissima Benedetta Capriotti my debut picture book I’m Not Cute, I’m Dangerous is about a cute crocodile who tries very hard to prove herself to others… and she does. But only when she understands she’s perfect as she is.

I’m available for festivals and school visits

I aim to make sessions lively and interactive, and to nurture a love of books and stories. With younger age groups, this might involve the use of props, puppets, songs and arts and crafts. With older children, I use picture books to illustrate the main beats that underpin stories, encouraging them to use these elements to shape their own writing.

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